London to Paris 2019



London to Paris 2019

The cost is approx £400.00 and includes transports, breakfasts and full on road support, including regular rider breaks.


Wednesday 22nd May

6.00 am                Travel by car to London Greenwich.

9.00am                 Unload bikes and return hire car. Start riding.

1.00pm                 Lunch break

6.00pm                 Arrive Dover. Book into Hotel (80 miles)

8.00pm                 Evening meal (not included)


Thursday 23rd May

7.00am                 Breakfast

8.20am                 Check in

9.10am                 Ferry leaves

11.40am               Arrive Calais

12.00                     Pedal to Marconne (50 miles)

4.00pm                 Arrive marconne

7.30pm                 Evening meal (not included)


Friday 24th May

8.30am                 breakfast

9.30am                 set off (80 miles)

12.30pm               Lunch break

3.00pm                 Arrive Beauvais

7.30pm                 Evening meal (not included)


Saturday 25th may

8.30am                 breakfast

9.30am                 set off (50 miles)

1.30pm                 Arrive Paris

7.30pm                 Evening meal (not included)


Sunday 26th may

8.00am                 breakfast

9.00am                 check out and load car

1.00pm                 Eurostar to London

Train to Lowestoft

6.30pm                 Arrive Lowestoft


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