Evening Rides

You don’t need to be a member to ride with us! Everyone is welcome, but with membership comes lots of benefits.

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening from April to September we meet at Dunx Cycles on the High St Lowestoft for 6.00pm. We usually divide into two or three groups. The faster group will be for road bikes (racers) and will generally average around 18 – 20mph, whilst the slower group will usually ride around 14-16mph average, this is suitable for road bikes and hybrids. You could even come on a mountain bike if you were fit. Sometimes we have a third group for children and slower adults These are shorter rides titled “Bring the Kids”.

The fast group usually does a few extra miles to get to the destination, so we all end up arriving roughly together. We have a 20-30 minute stop for coffee/soft drinks/beer/cake/bacon* (delete as applicable) and then we ride back again. In April and September it is worth bringing some lights as the evenings draw in quickly and we usually arrive back between 8-9pm.

No one will judge you or your bike. There are no bike snobs, just a group of like minded people who want to ride. No need to book in, just turn up and enjoy the ride. If the weather is bad, then assume the ride is off, or you can call Dunx Cycles 01502-218118 to check if you aren’t certain.

Please see our facebook page for regular updates and information.

If you are looking for local clubs who are more focused on performance, then you can try or

A full list of our evening rides:

All rides leave the shop at 6.00pm (unless otherwise stated). Lights are advisable, particularly in April and September. The rides to Somerleyton include an off road ride for mountain bikes for those who wish this as well as the on road rides.

April 2020

2nd April ThursdayFox, Shadingfield22/25
7th April TuesdayFive Bells, Wrentham20/28
9th April ThursdayPlough, Blundeston (bring the kids)8/18
14th April TuesdaySailors Home, Kessingland. (bring the kids)12/20
16th April ThursdayKings Head, Belton18/25
21st April TuesdayBear & Bells, Beccles20/28
23rd April ThursdayDukes head, Somerleyton. (bring the kids)Off/13/20
28th April TuesdayWhite Lion Wheatacre30/33
30th April ThursdayBell, St Olaves18/24

May 2020

5th May TuesdayThree Horseshoes, North Cove14/22
7th May ThursdaySun Inn, Bradwell18/24
12th May TuesdayThe Fox Shadingfield22/25
14th May ThursdayQueens Head, Blyford30/35
19th May TuesdayWherry, Geldeston30/36
21st May ThursdayHorse & Groom, Wrentham19/28
26th May TuesdayTurnstone, hopton (Bring the Kids)10/20
28th May ThursdayDukes Head, Somerleyton (Bring the Kids)Off/13/20

June 2020

2nd June TuesdayQueens head, norton Subcourse30/36
4th June ThursdayQueens Head, B;yford30/35
9th June TuesdayBell, St Olaves18/24
11th June ThursdayFox Shadingfield 22/25
16th June TuesdayTriple Plea, Halesworth (8.30pm start practice night ride)35/40
18th June ThursdayDukes Head, Somerleyton (Bring the kids)Off/13/20
20th June SaturdaySolstice Sunride Cambridge to Lowestoft night ride.100
23rd June TuesdayPlough Blundeston (bring the kids)8/18
25th June ThursdayHarbour Inn, Southwold30/35
30th June TuesdayBuck, Rumburgh35/40

July 2020

2nd July ThursdayArtichoke, Broome35/40
4th July SaturdayDunwich Dynamo London to Dunwich night ride.113
7th July TuesdayDukes Head, Somerleytonoff 13/19
9th July ThursdayRiverside Centre, Burgh St Peter32/35
14rd July TuesdayFox, Shadingfield22/25
16th July ThursdayWhite Lion, Wheatacre30/35
21st July TuesdayThree horseshoes, North Cove. (Bring the Kids)14/21
23rd July ThursdaySwann Gillingham24/30
28th July TuesdayQueens Head, Norton Subcourse30/36
30th July ThursdayFive Bells, Wrentham20/28

August 2020

4th August TuesdayFox, Shadingfield22/25
6th August ThursdayDukes Head Somerleyton (bring the kids)Off/13/20
11th August TuesdayHarbour Inn, Southwold30/35
13th August ThursdaySailors Home, kessingland (bring the kids)12/20
18th August TuesdaySun Inn Bradwell18/24
20th August ThursdayTriple Plea, Halesworth35/40
25th August TuesdayTurnstone, Hopton10/20
27th August ThursdayFox, Shadingfield22/25

September 2020

1st September TuesdayDukes Head, Somerleyton (bring the kids)Off/13/20
3rd September ThursdayBell, St Olaves18/24
8th September TuesdayBear and Bells Beccles20/28
10th September ThursdayHorse & Groom, Wrentham19/28
15th September TuesdayThree Horseshoes, North Cove (bring the kids)14/22
17th September ThursdayKings Head Belton18/25
17th - 21st September West to East St Davids, Wales to Lowestoft400
22nd September TuesdayFox Shadingfield 22/25
24th September ThursdaySwann Gillingham24/30
29th September TuesdayDock Tavern, Gorleston20/26

October 2020

Tuesday evening loop rides (no stop).

December 2020

Sat 12th December   Annual Christmas dinner at Stanford Arms.