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Dunwich Dynamo 2021

As yet (Jan 2020) we can’t be certain whether we will be able to offer transport to London or not. Further updates to follow.

Every year thousands of people gather at Hackney Field in London on the Saturday nearest the full moon in July, to take part in the Dunwich Dynamo. It is a free unorganised event which takes you 113 miles to Dunwich in Suffolk. It is now so busy that unless you leave very early or late (most leave between 8pm – 9pm), you can likely just follow the rider in front.

The many pubs in the first half of the evening provide a stop almost whenever you feel you need it, and at Sudbury (half way point) the Fire station put on an all night BBQ. After the pubs close there are a number of “pop up” stops which provide hot drinks, bacon rolls, hot food etc.

Riding into the rising sun towards Dunwich is often very Beautiful and can provide some stunning photo opportunities. When you get to Dunwich you can relax on the beach, take a dip in the sea or just head home. The beach cafe opens at about 4am to provide breakfast etc. I will provide a full guide closer to the time.

We do our best to transport your bike safely but can take no responsibility if it gets damaged. Last year we took 50+ riders and bikes to the start of the Dunwich Dynamo in London and no bikes were damaged at all.

We can pick up at Lowestoft, Darsham or Ipswich.

All prices rise by £8 if booked after Sat 21st March.

Tickets on sale now!

We always get late cancellations, so if we have sold the last ticket, we can still put you on our waiting list. Just ring 01502-218118 and ask for Duncan

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Collection from Lowestoft, Collection from Darsham, Collection from Ipswich


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