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West to East 23rd – 28th May 2022

In May we will drive to St Davids in Wales, and then ride across the country to Ness Point, Lowestoft in four days. It is just over 400 miles with the route focusing on staying off the beaten track. It includes 4 nights accommodation in St Davids, Llandovery, Evesham and St Neots. This ride is not for the novice! Riding speed will be around 15mph average and will be fully supported so you don’t need to carry luggage with you.

You can download the day four GPX file here.
You can download the day three GPX file here.
You can download the day two GPX file here.
You can download the day one GPX file here.


Below is a link to read the story written by Colin Cole when we ran this ride in 2018

400 miles in 4 days

4 reviews for West to East 2022

  1. simon newell

    “The Barking Mad Tour”

    I could not fault the service we have revived from DUNX on this tour, accommodation was spot on, with breakfast included, bike security was never an issue at any time during the trip, lunch stops although only 2 were at the planned establishment the other 2 were quickly located on the fly, and were able to cater for the needs of 8 hungry cyclists. ( on a bank holiday weekend)

    I’m not sure how Dunx endured the hours of loneliness whilst waiting for us to appear in the distance wanting a top up of water or another energy bar, but it was a welcome site to see him every 10-25 miles ( all in spacious locations) with an endless supply of water and bananas and the later HOT weather we were treated to Orange and Melon slices, having this service every hour meat we didn’t need to carry everything we could possibility need on our bikes.

    As a breakdown service its difficult to comment as most of us were sensible enough to have a shimano group set and we only needed a replacement set of brake pads and a quick top up of a air or a squirt of oil.
    For our major breakdown (Campag group set) the bike and owner were picked up and taken to local bike shop and returned to the road after the derailleur hanger was straightened (we cannot knock Dunx for other peoples stupidity) additionally when someone broke a spoke after a quick call and 5 minuets later the repair was underway and all of us back on the road after a rescheduled drink stop

    Each day a laminated route sheet was given to all riders detailing villages, towns and other major waypoints we were to navigate by, any difficult sections we were either escorted through the area or a drink stop would be planed very near, the route was a very good mix of roads with minimal A roads, yes we rode through Wales and yes we did some challenging climbs ( maybe next time we could have the option of having a longer & flatter route or the short Climbing route). but we did know the elevations and distances before we booked the tour

    If I could fault the trip at all I would ask Dunx to get a car that isn’t “rolling coal” for motor pacing and also stop telling little white lies about “NO MORE CLIMBS TODAY”

    On the run up to the trip i was dreading it not knowing if I would be fully up for it and had called it “4 days of hell” but after completing it with the mix of people, after finishing I now think is as “4 days of fun” BIG THANK YOU to all of you.

    All in I don’t think anyone could give better value for money, And look forward to booking another trip in the future.

  2. Garry

    The West to East ride was a fantastic experience.

    Over 4 days we rode 400 miles and climbed nearly 19,000 feet in crossing from St Davids to Lowestoft.

    A massive thank you to Dunx Cycle Rides for organising such a great event and putting so much effort into the planning and the logistics of our trip.

    The accomodation was excellent and Dunx being just a phone call away was very reassuring.

    Fantastic value for money and an experience that will be long remembered.

  3. Steve Jackson

    This ride and route was designed by someone with an obvious passion for cycling. If you want to test yourself book one of these for the future, train as best you can and enjoy the experience. Dunx’s attention to detail was almost faultless (no more climbs today became a mantra and a religious experience) but everything was there where it counted. Excellent experience, fantastic group, and so pleased to have done it.

  4. David Nicholls

    Absolutely brilliant West to East 2022 event, brilliant back up which enables you to think of the ride in hand only. If you get the chance of doing this epic ride, it’s certainly not easy but the buzz it gives you on completion of each day is worth it….

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